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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Brief 

Alinda Capital Partners asked us to create a video highlighting their ESG policies and approach to sustainability. 


The Idea 

Our team jumped at the chance to work with Alinda, as working with organizations whose ESG  policies are at the core of what they do aligns with our own ethos here at Kartoffel and makes for a great partnership. 


Knowing that the client had a lot of key messaging and the content would have to work hard to deliver, we felt mixing live action and animation would be the best creative approach for this brief and is a specialism of ours. It would allow Alinda to put their passionate and diverse staff at the forefront, giving the video a strong sense of humanity and personality, whilst also through animation allow us to visually convey complex ideas and concepts that audiences could easily digest and engage with. 


The Process 

We coordinated a shoot at Alinda’s London offices and also a few remote shoots across Europe and the US. Capturing staff members relaying in a personable and authentic tone the videos key messaging. In tandem to the live action shoots our animator was busy creating moodboards and then storyboarding the intended animated sequences. 


During post our editor and animator worked collaboratively, ensuring that both the live action and animation sequences married together and felt like a cohesive piece. The final stage was adding sound design, which included an empowering music track, which never fails to elevate a piece of content!

2D animation studios London


Creative, Design, Concepts, Moodboard, Storyboards, Animation, Script, Voice Over, Sound Design.



3 x 1 – 2 minute films

Designed for use on Youtube and other social media platforms as well as being suitable for broadcast use.

You can see the finished results here.

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