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Jo's Cervical Cancer
HPV Film

The Brief 

Jo’s Cervical Cancer came to us with an interesting brief.  They wanted to make a film that would demystify and inform people about HPV.  The film needed to be clear in the information it presented and also not scare the viewer.


The Idea 

The approach we decided to take was to be clear and concise as possible.  We used motion design with simplified graphic elements to represent medical elements and in doing so took away some of the fear that medical content can generate for viewers who are health conscious. 


The Process 

The first stage of the project was to generate a script that was both informative and concise but also warm and friendly to the viewer. 

 Once the script was set down we produced style frames that gave substance to the style and design of the elements of the film. The next step was the production of a storyboard which frame showed the progress of the film in line with the voice-over. 

The storyboard was then animated to a guiding voice-over.  Once the movement of the film was set, we fully animated the film and recorded the final voice-over for the film in a professional sound studio.



The film was not only hugely effective in reaching explaining HPV to the target audience it also won the 2018 Plain English Award for clarity of information.


HPV Animation-Kartoffel Animation


Creative, Design, Concepts, Moodboard, Storyboards, Animation, Script, Voice Over, Sound Design.



1 x 1 – 2 minute films1

Designed for use on Youtube and other social media platforms as well as being suitable for broadcast use.

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