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Age Uk Pension Credit Campaign

Age Uk approached Kartoffel to help produce a national Campaign for Age Uk to inform people of the additional benefits which might ht be available to them. 

The animations needed to be clear and concise but also warm and engaging.


The approach we took was to create two key characters who would emulate the typical benefactors of pension credit.  Set in their respective homes the animations would show them going about their day-to-day lives and how the benefits might impact that.  


Tonally we choose a light-hearted and warm approach that would resonate with the 60 – 80 age ground and their loved ones.

Animation Story board


Creative, Design, Concepts, Moodboard, Storyboards, Animation, Script, Voice Over, Sound Design.



3 x 1 – 2 minute films

Designed for use on Youtube and other social media platforms as well as being suitable for broadcast use.

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