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Cudos CSR Film

The Brief 

Cudos, a pioneering tech company, which provides applications for users to monetize their hardware, were looking to create an animation within 9 days that communicated to audiences who they are and what they do. 


The Idea 

Our team loves a tight turnaround project, nothing gets the wheels spinning and focuses the creative than a fast approaching deadline. It forces everyone to think within the project’s limitations and it’s often within this space the most innovative ideas come from. 


We pitched an animation promo using a 2D vector design and featured a characterisation of a  typical Cudos buyer persona, who is seen going on a journey and adopting Cudos service offerings. The Cudos brand was embedded into the DNA of the content, from the colour palette to the iconography, we leverage Cudos brand guidelines to ensure strong brand awareness and identity. 


The scope we presented was something we felt confident we could deliver within the tight deadline, without compromising on quality and messaging. 


The Process 

Using our typical animation process which includes scripting, moodboards, storyboards, voiceover, animation and sound design, we supercharged the timeline, compressing the schedule and worked hard to ensure that it came in on time, was both an informative and engaging watch and ultimately provided the client an effective, evergreen piece of marketing content they could be proud of!

UK Best Animation Studio


Creative, Design, Concepts, Moodboard, Storyboards, Animation, Script, Voice Over, Sound Design.



1 x 1 – 2 minute films1

Designed for use on Youtube and other social media platforms as well as being suitable for broadcast use.

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