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Animation For Health

Healthcare Animation for HCP_s - Kartoffel Films

Animation For Health Animation films are an incredibly effective way of communicating complex concepts in an understandable way. This makes animation ideal for use in the healthcare sector. Within the healthcare sector there are constant changes, advancements and breakthroughs. So there is always new information to share, and a continuous stream of questions and concerns from… Continue reading Animation For Health

Why Animation Is A Great Video Marketing Medium

SRG Animation

Why Animation Is A Great Video Marketing Medium ye-catching, different, cost-effective. Animation is a form of video that allows for unmatched versatility and unbound creativity. Despite this, it is often overlooked by businesses as a potential marketing tool. However, statistics suggest that companies could benefit from utilising animation more frequently. Animation has been dubbed by 83%… Continue reading Why Animation Is A Great Video Marketing Medium

Why Animation Lasts

Why Animation lasts

Why Animation Lasts With the global COVID pandemic, many of our clients are very interested in commissioning animation services. This is not surprising, given that there’s no need for in-person recordings, studios, actors, etc. In other words, it’s much easier to produce in times of social distancing.  However, there are a few other benefits to animation that might… Continue reading Why Animation Lasts