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About us

Producing great animated content for over 10 years the Kartoffel team really know their stuff about making animation thats bespoke and designed to preform.

What makes Kartoffel different from other animation studios is our approach.  We are a creative bunch but also have very strong production rigor ensuring all our content with produced on time and on budget.

Kartoffel Animation Studio
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Creative, Focused, Fast

Creativity is the beginning of everything we do, it’s the starting point for any production.


Focused and consistent production management means we do great work with our clients.


Speed is crucial in today’s media space and we can produce great work also suprisingly quickly.

London Animation Studio

Our animation studio is located in the heart of London.  Over our 10-plus years of operation, we have produced hundreds of projects and thousands of pieces of content for uses online and broadcast.

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Making Great Films and Being Nice

At the core of our ethos as a business is a belief that whatever we do in the act of business and making content is not to the detriment of the work and society, we live in.

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